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Ezekiel Honig returns with more deep, delicate minimalism that is sure to appeal to all the Herbert and Akufen lovers out there. Be it Graphics' sparse stepping drum and bass remix of "Love Session" or Ezekiel's crisp, intriguing sound palette on the remaining 3 tunes, one thing is for sure: I really like what's going on here. Hats off to the new sound of East Coast minimal!

(Dean DeCosta - BPM)

Minimal techno/IDM producer Ezekiel Honig and Graphic share the bill here, remixing tracks by each other. Graphic's watery, crackly drum & bass exploration of Honig's "Love Session" (from Technology Is Lonely album) works surprisingly well alongside the original version, while Honig's choppy remix of Graphic's "1000" is a twisted head-nod, with punctuating fractals amidst shimmering textures.

(Tim Pratt - XLR8R)

(very) rough translation from original German:
The third publication on the New Yorker Microcosm label is 12" with two new pieces of Ezekiel Honig and two remixes. The first remix is by Graphic, which up to now admits to me only from its unbelievably good drum & bass things on Offshore ones is, with its "Love Session" remix extends he drum & bass by a new perspective between minimal and bass line. Very very cool. Far geht's with the original of Ezekiel Honig, that on the back "1000" of Graphic with dubby bass line, click beats and the strangen stringers of the original updated. The last piece reminds me which the bass concerns of Rhythm + Sound, otherwise still a few cuts sounds schwirren and beep also. 5 stars.

(Orson Sieverding - De:Bug)