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One needn't be familiar with the entrancing track "More Human Than Human" from Ezekiel Honig's 2004 full-length People Places & Things to enjoy the four solid remixes on this 12-inch. Soultek (Steve Hitchell) interprets the original twice, the first being a languid mix with glistening keys and bleeping chatter draped over pumping tech-house beats. Far different in character, "Soultek's Morning Dub" rises from twilight slumber to confront frenetic hiss and clatter, with billowing keyboard figures the sole element common to both versions.

On the B side, Antony Ryan and Robin Saville bring customary finesse to their "Isan Remix," clothing the original's lush melody in softly sashaying breaks and warm murmurs. A gently rocking clickhouse treatment of "Ezekiel & Friends Still Human Mix" ends the set gracefully with the spotlight on Rhodes glimmers and Jennifer Paskow's gentle vocal turn. All four versions clearly draw from the original, but their dramatically contrasting approaches make for alluring results.

(Ron Schepper - Grooves /

Culled from Ezekiel's excellent People Places & Things album, this fine tune gets a healthy reworking for '05. Soultek's deep, textural 4/4 mixes open the EP, showcasing crisp, refined production a la Forcetracks or Traum. Morr Music's ISAN craft a lush, emotive wonder that simply should not be missed, and Ezekiel continues to impress as he employs the talents of Matt Vacca (rhodes) and Jennifer Paskow (vocals) to create a sparse beauty without equal.

(Dean DeCosta - BPM)