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The second in line for this limited 10" series continues on the path of modern, minimal, glitchy techno delights. Philly's Miskate offers "Daydreaming" - a snappy little number with an undeniable Perlon meets Ark groove. The insistent bass pulse and metallic percussion of Socks & Sandals' "Lover" offer a bit harder take on things and are bound to find a friend or two on a dark dancefloor. Thanks to Microcosm for offering another domestic choice for interesting minimal sounds.

(Dean DeCosta - BPM)

NYC's Microcosm label goes from strength to strength with another killer release, this time from Foundsound co-founder Miskate whose solo productions and collaborations with fellow Philly native Someone Else are giving the Cologne/Berlin minimal house crew a real run for their money. On the flip we have the like-minded pairing of Socks & Sandals dropping an ultra-reduced house jam that would be right at home on a label like Musik Krause, Vakant or Freude Am Tanzen.

(Word and Sound)

The second pairing features danceable micro-funk outings from Miskate (Kate Iwanowicz and member of Philadelphia's Foundsound family) and Socks and Sandals (Sean Smith and Clark ov Saturn). Flavoured with morphing vocal slices and surging wooshes, Miskate's "Daydreaming" is a sweetly whirring, bass-heavy throwdown of strong Perlon vintage while the tech-house outing "Lover" boldly sashays through a tactile field of metallic percussion, insect thrums, voice murmurs, and throbbing bass pulses. Obviously, the contents of Macrofun Vol. 2 offer stronger stylistic unanimity compared to the first.

With future Macrofun installments scheduled to include contributions from Someone Else, Krill.minima, Ezekiel Honig, and others, chances are the series eventually will cover every genre. For now, these initiating volumes do just fine; furthermore, with charming line and colour illustrations adorning the vinyl slabs' sleeves and labels, the distinctive packaging alone justifies the acquisition.


The minimal techno bug has infected Philadelphian and Foundsound label's Miskate. Her track, "Daydreaming," musically summarizes the muddled feeling of drifting in and out of sleep on the bus, with sounds passing by your ears and the subtle bumps of the road. S&S's "Lover" is an apt interpretation of the robotic, assembly line creation of microchips-it's all blips, bleeps, and conveyer-belt-steady drum machine rhythms.

(Art Milan - XLR8R)