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On the third 10" from New York's Microcosm Music label, static is winning the war against signal. In Ezekiel Honig's "Transportation Application", crisp handclaps briefly spring up like antennae from the fog, but they're no match for the pinkish wash of reverb that suffuses everything with a kind of melancholy indistinctness. As if in response, a lone male voice gulps in half-syllables, unable to piece together even a single phrase to describe the loveliness of the sad chords ringing the cul de sac. Philadelphia's Someone Else, of the Foundsound label, is just as speechless on "Goink", in which a hiccupping robot soul intones empty vowels while a clock ticks steadily away and waves of white noise erode the shores of meaning, grain by grain, deep into an ocean of nonsense. Both tracks are as whimsical as they are graceful, and as emotional as they are reserved - not an easy trick to pull off.

(Philip Sherburne - The Wire)

Two deep tracks of minimal techno-funk by Someone Else (Sean O'Neal aka Flowchart) and Microcosm head Ezekiel Honig make for a fabulous third installment in the Macrofun 10-inch series. Seeped in encrusted streams of snap, crackle, and pop, a robo-vocal croaks sporadically over clacking pulses in the suitably alien-sounding "Goink," while confused crowd babble and insect chatter intermittently surfaces. Honig anchors "Transportation Application" with a softly squeaking shuffle accented by panning voice snippets and snare slaps. The tune moseys contentedly until a surreptitious crescendo of guitar fuzz rises, infusing the otherwise spacious ambiance with grimy haze, and then calmly exits with a brief reprise of the speech fragments. Macrofun Vol. 3 is another distinctive addition to the Microcosm catalogue.


Microcosm deliver yet another nugget of absolute quality here with the potent pairing of label owner Ezekiel Honig and the very much on-form Someone Else. Honig conjures up a sweet, funky and strangely griity slab of Schaffel style Tech-funk that moves beautifully, whilst Someone Else really has produced one of his best tracks...dirty, noisy, bass-heavy and just plain twisted. Techno doesn't get much better than this. Highly recommended.