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Again Microcosm blesses us with an astonishingly charming and sensitive 12", that is not just captivating by its wonderfully subtle nature, but also feels incredibly catchy and danceable. Socks and Sandals are delighting us with an excellent mixture of filigree, yet driving grooves, gliding through pulsating waves of instrumental parts and playful vocal constellations, without losing its dancefloor appeal. The title track melts driving structures, gently rolling basslines and a lively microcosm of distorted vocal fragments and quirky sound effects, creating a seamless and dense mix of clicky restlessness and funked up breaks.

While "Lacky The Liger" seems to go in a more downtempo vein with lush sounds and occasional vocal bits, "Found In Space" comes along with a clear infectious groove and gentle reverberated guitar parts, bringing back the warmth and striking beauty. The graceful deliberateness of "Peerless" rounds up this excellent EP perfectly. A must-have!


Having made an auspicious vinyl debut with "Lover" on Macrofun Vol. 2, Socks and Sandals (NYC's Sean Smith and Clark ov Saturn) step out again with the superb EP Shatter. Weaving together a gently rocking shuffle, cowbell clatter, and voice croaks, the title cut succinctly distills the Microcosm (and Foundsound) aesthetic into a singular, six-minute piece. But after it's rolling, one element in particular emerges that distinguishes the duo's style: a heavy bottom-end, specifically a slithering bass sound that scours the depths like a ravenous shark cruising the ocean floor. A similarly throbbing bass drives the jacking, almost tribal house groove of "Lacky the Liger" with its pounding kick drum joined by grimy slams and an enticing voice hook. On the flip side, bleepy smears drape over thrumming clicks and bass rumble in "Found in Space" until guitar plucks unexpectedly appear, transporting the tune into a panoramic expanse of reverberant placidity, while crackling bursts and breathy exhalations pepper the clanking bump of "Peerless." Minimal yet sonically rich and nuanced too, the infectiously grooving Shatter initiates Microcosm's 2006 release schedule in fine style (and the lush full-colour sleeve doesn't hurt either).


Always good to get a new release from the excellent Microcosm label and this one's a doozie. Socks & Sandals provides 4 superb tracks that are on the deepest end of the minimal Techno scale. Ultra-stripped grooves on the A-side that are phat, yet subtly put together and feature some really nice production to give them an extra kick. The flipside starts off with a more upfront track with lovely textural chords (could be a processed guitar) but still a strong 4/4 flava that will move people on the floor. The last track is, once again, on the deep tip with a low-key, shuffly groove. A release that proves this label is at the forefront... don't miss out! Recommended.