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Again it's New York's Microcosm that brings subtlety and vividness back to life. With "Road To Victory," label head Ezekiel Honig and Nicholas Sauser (one half of Socks and Sandals) are delivering an incredibly versatile split EP, that showcases two consequent and rather contrary approaches to minimal electronic music. Two opposed characters, merging perfectly into a harmonious whole while retaining an exhilarating uniqueness, rarely experienced nowadays.

While Nicholas dedicates himself to a more dark, yet lightweight interpretation of minimal techno, Ezekiel Honig turns the clear rhythm patterns of "Goca Chino" into a lulling downtempo groover full of mesmerizing harmonies floating over a gently moving base. On the flip he continues in his accustomed manner of opting for a more abstract and experimental handling deeply rooted in electronica and neat minimalism. Again it's Sauser who accelerates the pace, turning the stately tempo of "Going Sailing" into a slowly evolving and thrilling dance track that melts driving beat patterns and a deep bouncing bass line with lush sampling and resonant synth themes. Excellent and highly delicate split, a must have!


Another odd yet enticing release for Mr. Honig's great Microcosm imprint, featuring a tight collaboration between Sauser (of Socks & Sandals fame) and himself. Each of these talented fellows offers an original tune in addition to a remix of the other's. Found sounds abound and strange vocal snips bounce freely between crisp, clackety percussive elements. If modern minimalism is your dish, kindly treat yourself to this savory sonic smorgasbord.


The Road to Victory sports four tracks with Sauser and Honig contributing originals plus remixes of each other's tunes. Sauser treats "Goca Chino" like a playground for vocal acrobatics with some of the distorted samplings decipherable ("what you wanna do?") and others better broached as pure sound. Throughout the song, voices and noises merrily bob and weave over an insistent bleepy and slashing groove. In his 'Farmer You' mix, Honig slows the tempo to a dusky crawl and warms the cut by a crackling fire, the mix serenaded by muffled piano drones creeping in from some other room. On the B side, Honig brings his trademark shuffle to "Going Sailing" but, instead of breezily gliding over the water's surface, the tune slowly descends to cavernous murk leagues below where foggy tones surface amidst clicking organisms and muffled emissions. Rounding out the EP, Sauser reanimates the tune in a 'Tahitian Rainslide' mix, imbuing it with a country swing that twangs, twitches, and writhes. The Road to Victory's material is as unusual as its cover illustration of a taxi-riding walrus is amusing.