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The fifth installment in Microcosm's ongoing Macrofun series is predictably strong with foundsounders Sauser and Parris trading 10-inch jibes. Up first is the wild "Slaughterhouse Joe" where all manner of squished and squashed distortion peppers its heavy bass bump. Using his voice as a primary sound source, Sauser smothers the pulse with a squelchy hailstorm of heavily processed squabble and screech. In Parris's less boisterous but still compelling "Vampire X Ray Eyeballs," wiry bass tones and slapping snares bring the funk while a bubbly mix of bursts, clatter, scrapes, and groans slams and collides. Over too quickly, the distinctive and danceable disc makes for another solid addition to the series.


New York's Microcosm Music returns with another deliciously diverse installment of their critically acclaimed Macrofun series that convinces once again with midtempo loveliness and catchy sound arrangements. Volume 5 features two versatile and daring tracks by Nicholas Sauser (one half of the duo Socks and Sandals) and Ben Parris, known for his debut 12" on Philadelphia's Foundsound Records from 2005.

Sauser's "Slaughterhouse Joe" pleases with a hypnotic journey through sluggish, almost delirious grooves weaving in a deep and quirky flux of sonic particles and reverberated vocal treatments. On the flip Ben Parris is utilizing scratchy percussions and chunky beats covered by a catchy synth-bass theme, creating a constant flow of dark sharpness and atmospheric deepness. The result is a marvelous split that leaves nothing behind but a gloomy, yet driving atmosphere.