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Having recently scored with their fabulous Gullah Go-Go 12-inch on Foundsound, Someone Else (Sean O'Neal) and Miskate (Kate Iwanowicz) now visit Microcosm's wax factory with new pal Ditch (Japan-born and Berlin resident Shin-Ichiro Kono) in tow. Gullah Go-Go and the sixth Macrofun chapter are natural companions as both push the concept of voice shredding to a radical extreme.

High-pitched shudders, froggy croaks, and grunts erupt over a grinding, bass-prodded skip in Someone Else and Miskate's "ooo yeah," the base itself a distorted mix of ripples, smears, and blasts. The tune's ultra-detailed and breathlessly busy arrangement transfixes, with the orgasmic excitations of the male and female voices alone a constant source of fascination. If "ooo yeah" seems a wild ride, it's positively level-headed next to Ditch's totally bonkers "William." Punctuated by minimal piano pings and a pair of mechanical clanks, a child-like tick-tock plod sets the stage for an acrobatic spectacle of thrums, deranged giggles, feverish garbling, and crinkling noises. Though it may be the wackiest volume in the series to date, Macrofun 6 also reveals the vast range of explorative possibilities the Microcosm forum offers to its most fearlessly imaginative participants.