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Ezekiel Honig / Graphic
Love Session / 1000 Remix EP 12"

Format: 12"
Release date: October 19, 2004

A1. love session (Graphic d'n'b remix)
A2. love session
B1. 1000 (Ezekiel Honig remix)
B2. daily human emotions

Design by Aesthetic Parcel

Ezekiel Honig and Graphic remix each other, along with a new Ezekiel Honig track, for a 12" of microhouse and drum and bass. Graphic's remix of 'Love Session' (which originally appeared on Ezekiel's 'Technology is Lonely' CD album on Anticipate) takes the original through the drum and bass filter and adds a neurofunk bassline along with the claps and stutters, while Ezekiel's take on Graphic's '1000' (which appeared on DJ Clever's 'Troubled Waters' mix CD, and on an Offshore EP) turns it into microhouse with deep subbass and dark atmospherics. Also included on this 12" are the original 'Love Session,' warm basslines turned over vocal inflected clickhouse, and 'Daily Human Emotions,' microfunk filled with vocal snips, beepy harmonics and rhythmic, dubby bass.

"...deep, delicate minimalism...crisp, intriguing sound palette...Hats off to the new sound of East Coast minimal!" - BPM

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