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Ezekiel Honig
More Human Than Human Remixes

Format: 12"
Release date: March 22, 2005

A1. Soultek's Got Too Much Soul Mix
A2. Soultek's Morning Dub
B1. isan Remix
B2. Ezekiel & Friends Still Human Mix

Design by Aesthetic Parcel

More Human Than Human, from Ezekiel Honig's People Places & Things album, gets reworked into four varying mixes. Soultek turns in two stellar deep and dubby arrangements, both using spacey, effected versions of the original keys, one becoming clear, chugging tech house, the other more melodic techno, with plenty of hiss, crackle, and pop. isan's remix, staying true to quality form, retains some of the original melody but coaxes it out of it's shell, putting it on center stage, while accompanying it with peripheral electronics, deep subs, and wispy breakbeats. The Ezekiel & Friends version utilizes a complete rhodes rework and vocal overlay (courtesy of Matt Vacca and Jennifer Paskow, respectively), taking bits and pieces and splicing it into new keys amidst midtempo minimal clickhouse.

"All four versions clearly draw from the original, but their dramatically contrasting approaches make for alluring results." - Grooves

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