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Macrofun Vol. 2
Miskate / Socks and Sandals

Format: 10"
Release date: May 17, 2005

A. daydreaming
B. lover

Label design by CEDE & Soundadvice
Sleeve design by CEDE

Volume 2 of Macrofun brings us stalwarts of the Northeast techno scene, each contributing edit heavy microfunk. Miskate, hailing from Philadelphia's Foundsound family, presents a whirry, quirky, bass groover, with clipped vocal refrains and elastic effects. A steady undertone and thick blocky snares hold it all together, with varying found sounds floating on top. Daydreaming is perfect fodder for a DJ set and home listening experience alike. Socks and Sandals' flipside is filled with techno stabs and mechanical churns amidst a lilting, bass heavy punch. Dubby granular delays and proper ebb and flow fill out the stereo field, with hints of Detroit, yet remaining entirely its own beast.

"...modern, minimal, glitchy techno delights." - BPM

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