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Macrofun Vol. 3
Someone Else / Ezekiel Honig

Format: 10"
Release date: August 2, 2005

A. goink
B. transportation application

Label design by CEDE & Soundadvice
Sleeve design by CEDE

Volume 3 is another pairing of Philadelphia and New York City, pushing the edges of minimal techno variables, bringing a nod to both the dance floor and the living room, combining tight 4/4 rhythms with emotional depth.

Someone Else brings his unique sensibilities to a static filled click rhythm fest in the context of bass hooks and a heavily vocoded mini-phrase that continuously enters the track as broken syllables, with the occasional utterance of the whole. Intermittent interjections of squeaky crowds and a solid woody snare make 'Goink' feel like its namesake. Honig returns on the flip with 'Transportation Application.' Low sub bass is pinned under a shuffled groove, with crunchy, clappy snares and clipped speech edits. A melancholic, yet bright pad loop houses blocks that scratch and scrawl across the tune, while midway through comes a wall of dubbed out guitar distortion.

"Both tracks are as whimsical as they are graceful, and as emotional as they are reserved - not an easy trick to pull off." - The Wire

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