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Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard
Early Morning Migration

Format: CD
Release date: July 26, 2005

1. tropical ridges
2. balm
3. window nature
4. hibernate
5. a lake of suggestions pt.1
6. billow
7. white on white
8. planting broken branches pt.1
9. planting broken branches pt.2
10. a lake of suggestions pt.2
11. a long time ago

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Early Morning Migration is comprised of abstract 4/4 rhythms made of an array of found sounds, coupled with supremely warm, deep pianos, looming, textural pads, and colorful, shifting ambience. Fragments of expressive sound rub up with real world edits, clanky percussion and long melodic passages, evoking the feeling of a lone cabin in the woods or a pastoral, stream filled landscape. It creates a world that is introspective and melancholy just as much as it is friendly and inviting; just as natural and organic as it is electronic.

Each producer contributes their individual styles and abilities, Morgan using his methodical approach, which is heavily informed by his classical training, alongside Ezekiel's more observational, cut and paste perspective. The songs were conceived and produced separately, but the awareness of what it was a part of - and the ideas and influence of the other person - helped to sculpt the finished product into what it is. Keeping each other in mind, each track helps its surroundings to build an expansive arena, incorporating micro-rhythm and modern composition.

" basks in the understated and carefully sculpted beauty of Honig and Packard's work." - Textura

"This first collaboration by North Americans Honig and Packard has refused to give up its complexities after days of repeated playing." - The Wire

"...a dense, lovingly crafted and gentle selection that is melodic without ever being obvious." - Smallfish

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