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lil'tugtug EP

Format: 12"
Release date: June 21, 2005

A1. lil'tugtug
A2. lowly and behold
B1. hear the ahhh
B2. crumply crumbles

Design by Aesthetic Parcel

A superb and balanced EP from a forward thinking producer, Miskate presents dance inflected, quirky minimal techno, with a firm grip on moving floors. Not to leave well enough alone, she juxtaposes these with more exploratory, mold breaking sounds that escape the blueprint, while retaining its foundations. What these tracks hold in common is the use of a wide array of found sounds, often manipulating Miskate's own voice to greatly satisfying effect, alongside shifty atmospheres and playful melody.

Sifting, panning madness, softly granulated tone edits, deep bass fluctuations, and an overwhelming sense of personality permeate these four tunes. They demand that one remembers a human being actually did this, putting her own stamp on music that all too often falls into the anonymous category.

"...certainly dance-based yet instrumentally rich and compositionally inventive too." -

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