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Socks and Sandals
Shatter EP

Format: 12"
Release date: January 23, 2006

A1. shatter
A2. lacky the liger
B1. found in space
B2. peerless

Design by Aesthetic Parcel

Socks and Sandals return, demonstrating exactly why they fit Microcosm perfectly. Their tracks are filled with nuanced minimal funk, depth of sound, warmth, and a style all their own, aided by quirky, self recorded sound clips. It's quite difficult to put all these pieces together in a DJ friendly EP, but they do it with the class of veterans.

'Shatter' is grounded in a shuffled rhythm, glued together by a vocoded, bleepy hook, cowbells and claps. Rich bass underpins everything and adds to the largeness of this tune, which excels in sound design and original arrangement. 'Lacky the Liger' rolls with a clean, slow build groove, attached with distorted vocal dispersements and flippant sound effects. 'Found In Space' combs through clicky rhythms and analog bass rumbles with ease until reverbed guitar adds an otherworldly element to the track, giving it an airy poise reminiscent of hollowed out tree trunks and ending in a rainstorm, while 'Peerless' rounds out the release with lilting rhythms providing the backdrop for whispered vocal traces and grey matter atmospherics.

" astonishingly charming and sensitive 12", that is not just captivating by its wonderfully subtle nature, but also feels incredibly catchy and danceable." - Minlove

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