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Macrofun Vol. 4
saidsound / krill.minima

Format: 10"
Release date: February 20, 2006

A. my laundry is drying
B. iltia

Label design by CEDE & Soundadvice
Sleeve design by CEDE

Volume 4 brings together the mysterious saidsound with krill.minima, perhaps best known for his work on the Thinner net label, and for his work as Marsen Jules on City Centre Offices.

saidsound's 'My Laundry is Drying' pairs tempered, stuttery, swaying rhythms with repeating, resonant tones and creaking murmurs. Truncated vocal stirrings sit in a background of a gathering crowd, providing space and texture.

krill.minima's 'Iltia' is a dubbed out, melodic, techno fit stargazer, steeped in haze and melancholy, with occasional twangs and twilight musings, emitting warmth in a rhythmic stew of subs.

"...this 10" not only showcases Microcosm's outstanding and unique musical output and direction, it also underlines the significance of the New York based project within an increasingly evolving minimal music context." - Minlove

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