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Ezekiel Honig and Morgan Packard
Early Morning Migration with Remixes Vol. 1

Format: 12"
Release date: March 13, 2006

A1. tropical ridges
A2. balm
A3. a lake of suggestions pt. 1
B1. Socks and Sandals eerily marnin' remix
B2. Honig's tropical plants mix

Design by Aesthetic Parcel

The Early Morning Migration CD was the first collaboration between Ezekiel Honig and Morgan Packard, and fused tracks made separately by each producer into a uniquely focused, yet varying set of pieces filled with warmth, ambience, and real world soft techno edits. This 12" is the first of two presenting some of the original CD tunes on vinyl for the first time, alongside more uptempo remixes.

Socks and Sandals take elements of various tracks from the original CD and rework them beyond recognition into a consistently moving, skimmed down techno opus. Bass figures motion to and fro throughout, underpinning the rhythmic skitters which are squarely reduced towards the discerning dancefloor.

Ezekiel Honig uses sounds from Tropical Ridges and Planting Broken Branches in a midtempo groover brimming with sunset melodies, whining , wheezing, and baggy effects, and clippity cloppy percussion. They all create the peripherals for what is at heart a different take on the same romantic ideals of the original tunes.

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