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Ezekiel Honig v. Nicholas Sauser
The Road to Victory EP

Format: 12"
Release date: May 15, 2006

A1. Nicholas Sauser - goca chino
A2. goca chino
(Ezekiel Honig's farmer you mix)
B1. Ezekiel Honig - going sailing
B2. going sailing
(Nicholas Sauser's tahitian rainslide mix)

Design by Aesthetic Parcel

Nicholas Sauser, one half of the Socks and Sandals duo, makes his debut here on this split 12" with Ezekiel Honig, each artist providing an original track and a remix of the other's contribution. Mr. Sauser kicks off the A side with Goca Chino, slithering voices bobbing in and out of the ether of a bassy, minimal dancefloor gem. A seriously pitched down vocal phrase connects the dots with sideways sound bits and classic tones, forging Sauser's way ahead, holding the past and future in each hand. Mr. Honig reworks 'Goca Chino,' using various elements from various versions of the original tune, into a midtempo techno texture brimming with odd percussion and the impending pitched vocal signpost. Deep, droning pianos round the edges, closing out in late night splendor.

The B side opens with Honig's 'Going Sailing,' minimal techno from below, a dark bottom pad scraping the ocean floor, with almost choral like gazes sharing space in a barrage of teetering, tattering soundbytes, clipped claps, vocal dispersements, and shuffling backgrounds. Sauser's version utilizes the vocal hats from the original and pits them in a sticky, wiry take, flipping noise over skanking basslines, adding different movements in a groove of dementia... 'Tahitian Rainslide' indeed.

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