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Macrofun Vol. 5
Nicholas Sauser / Ben Parris

Format: 10"
Release date: August 21, 2006

A. slaughterhouse joe
B. vampire x ray eyeballs

Label design by CEDE & Soundadvice
Sleeve design by CEDE

Volume 5 picks up with tracks from the Northeast US once again. Nicholas Sauser returns with a turning tune fusing the most raw pop elements into bass heavy minimalia. Using his voice as a major sound source, vocals would be an odd way to put it, but heavily processed, edited, squelched out creepy crooning is not distant from the truth. He fills in the crevices with loopy 4/4 fluctuations for a track which satisfies evenly for the club and the home.

Ben Parris, known for his Double Wimpfighter EP on Foundsound, makes his Microcosm debut with a slab of vintage minimal funk with modern updates. Bass tones play background for heavily disguised bytes of voice, scrapes, scratches, open hatted hooks, choppy snares, and other destructed and reconstructed sonic alternatives which house a tight techno basis and provide proper surroundings for abstract dance music.

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