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Macrofun Vol. 6
Someone Else + Miskate / Ditch

Format: 10"
Release date: September 18, 2006

A. ooo yeah
B. william

Label design by CEDE & Soundadvice
Sleeve design by CEDE

Volume 6 unites old friends with a new one, the commonality being prominent use of the human voice amidst the quirks which lend both tracks elements of abstraction and pop sensibility.

On side A, Someone Else + Miskate present a tune that will stay in your head for days, but when it wears off, you'll go back and get it stuck in there again. "ooo yeah" skips and grinds, sashaying around vocal shutter phraselets and deep, bumpy bass and kick organisms. Seemingly both male and female, it properly represents its creators in a duet of the lovelorn minimal sound of tomorrow.

Ditch's "William" plonks and plinks with tinkering piano lines, playful outlines of melodic memos blurring the corners, advancing and receding in natural fashion. Whining and murmuring throughout the track, William, whether real or fictional, comes to life all over this adventure in detailed techno arrangement.

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Available as a digital download from: Kompakt MP3