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Someone Else
Happiness For Our Time EP

Format: 12"
Release date: November 6, 2006

A1. happiness for our time
A2. happiness for our time (nicholas sauser's let's all be someone else remix)
B. carespray

Design by Aesthetic Parcel


halcyon digital

boomkat digital



Someone Else returns with his first 12" release on Microcosm since the Ploosh EP (MCOSM1004), maintaining his signature sensibilities in sound design that is riddled with found sound edits. A sensitive touch allows Someone Else to use the word fragments and truncated synths to make musical tracks that aren't overt about what they're doing, retaining a DJ mentality without being confined by it.

The title track is a midtempo popper with bass tones moving one along the mix, various multi personality vocal nonsense and reverberating twangs, permeated with beepy occasions, high mid range instrumental themes and fiddlestick percussion. "Happiness For Our Time" has a certain stop-start nature about it which leaves the listener guessing through its carefully controlled arrangement of incidental sounds and loopy drums.

Nicholas Sauser takes the idea of the original and makes it his own, infusing a Chicago sensibility by way of New York by way of modernity. A dark, repeating syllable pitch is the glue of it all, bopping around between the raw dance floor elements. Sauser provides us with a great companion version, with its own progression of tiny human clips and field recordings, proving that he can "be Someone Else" and still be himself.

Sitting in static, "Carespray" uses a low drawn out sub bass and snappy snare to hold on to all the deep speech garbles and hooky loops which play back and forth with each other. A carefree melodic theme pronounces a shift in mood before it recedes for a whiny backdrop, pushing everything towards the outro of its main ingredients.

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