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Afterblaster EP

Format: 12"
Release date: May 7, 2007

A. afterblaster
B1. people began sequences
B2. afterblaster (saidsauser remix)

Design by Aesthetic Parcel


halcyon digital



Miskate is quickly becoming a necessary fixture in the techno universe, extending musical boundaries and retaining a dancefloor sensibility on a consistent basis, while imbuing her tracks with a unique brand of woozy, gauzy funk.

The title track, "Afterblaster," opens with a soliloquy of sorts - via telephone - that continues in twisted and effected form throughout the track. A steady, midrange-heavy bassline groups together a host of Miskate's own vocal blurps and boos, twangy hooks, oak-filled percussion and nuanced production. Working everything around a handful of elements - skillfully strewn and re-strewn throughout - Miskate keeps it minimal and functional, while creating a highly detailed arrangement which holds endless ideas as it shifts to and fro - as an anthemically quirky classic should.

A slightly different nod using similar techniques, the B side begins with "People Began Sequences." Resonating fuzz rides each measure of hissy found sound rhythm and edited versions of the song's namesake. Rumbles of catchy bass bars tumble, light bulbs bump, water splashes and furniture gets moved. The result is a carefully crafted micro-shaker.

The "Afterblaster" remix comes courtesy of a round-robin of saidsound and Nicholas Sauser (hence, saidsauser). Part inspiration and part reinterpretation, it reworks the original elements into a miniature, late-night version. Keeping the feel of the original with the bass theme and re-shifted material, a new, subtly dub-inflected rhythm pops in occasionally to offset the main percussion elements - turning this into a modern, introverted techno tool.