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Socks and Sandals
Rishi saturn EP

Format: 12"
Release date: July 16, 2007

A. spaced
B1. pura vida
B2. lucidril remix

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Socks and Sandals are back! Having made their official debut with the track, "Lover," on the Macrofun Volume Two 10", and following that up with the Shatter EP in January 2006, Nicholas Sauser and Clark ov Saturn return from a year-plus hiatus with three tracks imbued with a musical sense that is particularly their own. With much change for each of them since their last collaboration - collectively, including moving, child bearing, solo musical work, and beard growing - their new material extends the spirit of their previous work into an expansive universe of minutiae.

On the 9-minute journey that is "Spaced," shifting, hip-rendering rhythms make friends with xylophone, whistling, synth stabs, rumbling bass, and processed speech. Its oddball playfulness is complemented by a nuanced and somber sense of longing - balancing humanity and the physical world with machine-led churning. "Spaced" is the score for the wee hours of a night at the club, or an early morning breakfast.

"Pura Vida" is a dark bumper with plenty of chugging high-end percussion. The title is uttered throughout as a type of disembodied chorus, swaying around analog bass that seems to rip through the fabric of the song, while subtle tones ease in from the corner of your ears.

Deceptively minimal, the "Lucidril Remix" sounds as if it were recorded at a large party in a cave - the ripples of earth-made hallways reverberating throughout the mix with the sense of scraping dirt and hollow avenues. Galloping, rhythmic permutations and snare snaps crumble and rebuild as swooping washes and bah-bahing, nonsensical utterances coax it along its chosen path.