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Tanaka Hideyuki
Think Zero EP

Format: Digital
Release date: May 13, 2008

1. in the middle
2. digestion is fine
3. think zero

The release can be found at:

halcyon digital






Tanaka Hideyuki's music moves forward with economical grace, laced with all manner of machine noise as the periphery of disjointed, imaginative, deep grooves of minimal funk. Retaining the dance floor potential of a main loop theme, he dresses these themes with precisely arranged design, where each trace of sound leaves its shadowed outline on the overall composition. Beginning with the soul-house chords and chunky claps of "In the Middle" and moving in a consistently more physically mental direction on the bleepy careening of "Digestion is Fine" and "Think Zero," Tanaka maintains his individual technical sensibilities without abandoning the warmth of sound that is so necessary to effective futurist dance music.