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Ezekiel Honig
Live in Minneapolis

Format: mp3
Release date: September 25, 2006

A suitable companion to the Scattered Practices album, this set was recorded live in April of 2006, at a Microphono event in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ezekiel Honig presents an evolving movement through his approach to both techno and the live setting. Bringing the tempo up a notch from the majority of his studio material, yet still slowed down compared to truly dance oriented music, Honig manages to hold a balance between keeping the party going and warming the corners of the space with his signature sound; abstractions of the 4/4 thump, rippling with found sound clumps and shimmerings of melodic under/over tones.

As evidenced here, Honig pieces together live sets from various loops and bits of songs, both released and unreleased, in an improvised fashion, with on the fly arrangements, editing and effects. Rather then simply replaying recorded work he chooses to use the live opportunity to create something new, traces of songs bobbing in and out of the layers of rhythmic exchanges, shifts of melody and bristling texture. Not unlike a DJ set solely utilizing tiny pieces of his own music, the flexibility allows combinations and chance events to integrate and become their own hints of ideas, often coming back and influencing future recorded material.

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