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Ezekiel Honig
People Places & Things CD

Format: CD
Release date: July 13, 2004

1. passing through
2. falling down
3. more human than human
4. your face betrays your thoughts
5. cape cod getaway
6. focused distraction
7. winterspring
8. green tea
9. adaptation
10. memoir of a future past
11. click and sleep

Design by Aesthetic Parcel and Ono Ahnii

Bathed in atmospheric warmth, colorful tones and found sounds, People Places & Things becomes more organic electronics, transporting the music to rural settings and greener pastures. Using the sounds of his environment, Ezekiel taps into the routine realities and daring dreams of everyday people, revealing a range of suggested expression which compliments the 4/4 techno/house rhythm context, straying heavily towards a more off kilter, edited feel. The music allows itself to take advantage of the randomness of objects, incorporating this into the arrangements and holding it together with melodic warmth. Minimal, cinematic and beautiful.

"...unique and engaging...beautiful and vibrantly organic, while maintaining no qualms about its electronic origins." - BPM

"As far as minimal sunset music of this kind is concerned - "People Places & Things" is just about as good as it gets. Recommended." - Boomkat

"...heartfelt emotion seeps album of alluring tranquility." - XLR8R

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