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Troubled Waters
mixed by Clever

Format: CD
Release date: July 13, 2004

1. Fracture + Neptune 'Normality Complex Parts 1 & 2'
2. Graphic '1000'
3. Seba 'Make My Way Home'
4. Deep Blue 'Soho Code'
5. ASC ft Intex Systems 'Drum Track 2 [The Venom...]'
6. Seba 'In The Sun'
7. Intex Systems 'Aural Void'
8. Justice 'Autoglide'
9. Tundra 'Sprouts'
10. Intex Systems 'Drum Track 1 [Burning Bridges]'
11. Sileni 'Twitchy Droid Leg'
12. Paradox 'I Get a Kickback'
13. Pieter K 'Rapport'
14. Deep Blue 'Do You Voodoo?'
15. Alaska 'Rare Earth'

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Troubled Waters is a drum and bass mix by DJ Clever, founder of Offshore Recordings. All the tracks had previously only been released on vinyl 12" on Offshore, and now see their first appearance on CD. On Troubled Waters Clever presents a fluid mix of the more adventurous, off center side of drum and bass, aimed at the mind just as much as the hips and feet. Though they can all fit into the category of deep or leftfield drum and bass, these tracks range from the drumfunk workouts of Paradox's "I Get a Kickback" and Fracture + Neptune's "Normality Complex Pts. 1 and 2," to the nu-skool neurofunk of Graphic's "1000," the minimal future soul of Deep Blue's "Do You Voodoo?" and Seba's "Make My Way Home," and the quirky, technical wizardry of Sileni's "Twitchy Droid Leg."

The whole being greater than the sum of its parts, Clever's mix offers a different segment of the drum and bass world that goes largely unappreciated much of the time, lying on the fringe, thereby helping to continually push the progression of the genre.

"...stunning collection of rhythmically-intricate, melodically-abstract tracks that test the boundaries of drum and bass possibility." - Knowledge

"...the best drum'n'bass mix-CD I've heard in probably six and a half years." - Simon Reynolds

"...DJ Clever accomplishes what few others have managed before him: instead of working from a musical palette consisting entirely of shades of metallic grey, he draws on a bright, tuneful array of musical styles and a surprisingly varied range of textures to create one of the sunniest, most consistently enjoyable drum'n'bass mixes of the year." - All Music Guide

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