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Ezekiel Honig
People Places & Things 12"

Format: 12"
Release date: May 11, 2004

A1. cape cod getaway (John Tejada remix)
A2. more human than human
B1. green tea
B2. winterspring

Design by Aesthetic Parcel

Three tracks from the CD filled with delicate, intricate, snappy found sound percussion. Warm tones churn with evolving melodies as stripped down subdued funk careens off pure emotionality. John Tejada's remix of Cape Cod Getaway (original version on the CD only) takes the sounds of the original and puts them through the Tejada lens, processing them into an upbeat tech house number filled with choppiness and off kilter melodic bits without losing it's dance floor capabilities.

"...a refreshing take on minimalism, incorporating found sounds and acoustic instrumentation with moving and hypnotic results." - BPM

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