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Microcosm Discography:


Miskate is Kate Iwanowicz. Originally a Pittsburgh DJ, she held down various residencies as well as receiving a degree in anthropology (and a minor in music) at University of Pittsburgh, where she also participated in a gamelan ensemble. Her interests in sound began at a young age -- first playing violin, then piano, then guitar, now sample-based electronics (often incorporating her own singing voice among other found sounds). Her regular bookings playing deep, minimal house and techno encouraged her move to Philadelphia in Summer, 2001. After relocating, she has taken responsibilities as co-organizer of both the Pitchspork monthly and the Foundsound/Unfoundsound record label. Her production debut came in May, 2004 (alongside Someone Else) with the release of "Rip It Cookie Muenster" on Foundsound, to a wildly positive response. She's since followed up with forward minded solo material for Foundsound, Unfoundsound, Microcosm, Alphahouse, Roman-Photo, Karloff, Einmaleins and plenty more to come.