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Morgan Packard

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Tundra, Captain Campion

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Morgan Packard's search for the perfect music for a benevolent future has led him to study jazz saxophone at Boston's New England Conservatory, to move to London to immerse himself in British drum and bass, to study classical composition, and to learn to program his own software tools. More scholar than fusioneer, he strives to understand the inner workings of the music he studies, using this deep understanding to more effectively create something new, rather than simply appropriating the glittering exotic sounds floating on the surface of the music he hears.

Across all the music he explores, the qualities of beauty, melody, texture, and hypnotic repetition fascinate him, and these qualities unite his work across disparate styles. His various projects and guises include drum and bass singles under his own name and with Offshore Recordings' DJ Clever as "Tundra," deep and melodic electro-instrumentals with childhood friend Phil Salathe under the "Captain Campion" moniker, and the odd modern dance sound design gig.