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Socks and Sandals

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Clark ov Saturn and Sean Smith (also known as Nicholas Sauser) started Socks and Sandals as a "live and laptopless" minimal techno band in the summer of 2002. After a few years of gigs in the bars, warehouses and boats of NYC and the Northeast, they started recording studio tracks for the Microcosm Music label. They made a 7" on their now defunct Love and Cush label, then a 10" for Microcosm, and finally a 12" for Microcosm. Then they decided to give it up for a bit. After a year-long hiatus, they went back to work in the studio, completing the Rishi Saturn EP in early 2007. Sauser also co-founded the Goosehound record label and currently heads up A&R activities there. Saturn has moved to a beautiful place in the country and is making babies with his lovely wife Seema.